Ack! My Satin is Melted!

It’s that time of year again… For sun-kissed skin, fun at the beach, and melted body butter!?! If your Satin arrived melted, have no fear, you’re not alone. There is a good reason and I can tell you how to fix it. 

I’m sure you might be asking yourself “why would it melt? Other brands don’t melt.” Great question and you should ask it. Have you ever turned one of those other brands over and looked at the ingredients? I bet you’ll find alcohol, water, fragrance, stabilizers such as BHA, and different parabens. This is just to name a few. Crazy right? Another crazy thing is that some of these moisturizers cost upwards of $200+. Yeah, I know, it’s kind of nuts to pay hundreds of dollars to rub carcinogens all over your skin. 

When we formulated our first Satin, Lemon Zest, we researched how lotions/body butters/moisturizers are made. We found that most moisturizers on the market contain water as the main ingredient. But because water does not bind well, it needs an oil (occlusive). Petroleum, mineral oil, and paraffin are three common oils found in moisturizers. Moisturizers that are oil-free contain dimethicone and the toxic list doesn’t stop here.

Next, they add humectants that attract water from the environment and in deeper levels of the skin. Glycerin and propylene glycol are commonly used humectants. And to top it off, emollients or alcohol is added. Yeah! So we have water, carcinogens, and flammable chemical compounds that make up most of the moisturizers you can buy to spread all over your skin.

Now I’m sure you’re asking “when is she going to get to the point?” Another great question and the answer is now. To make a truly organic and non-GMO Satin we looked for pure ingredients; non-toxic, no fillers, no synthetic, no stabilizers, no preservatives, and no dyes. We aimed to create a body butter that was pure with minimal ingredients and full of nutrition. We succeed! But with that success meant our Satin line may melt in high temperatures. 

This is not a bad thing, it happens to be quite the opposite and easy to fix. If your Satin melts just give it a shake and pop it in the freezer for 30-60 min. Voila! It is back to being hard. Once it’s been hardened you will want to keep it at room temperature or store in the fridge. We understand that melting Satin is not ideal, but we promise it’s far better than rubbing chemicals and carcinogens all over your skin!

Live Well!

Tara Raj, CPC, ACC, CNWC
Co-Owner & Creator of Earth’s Farmacy
Earth’s gift to you!


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