Crystal Infused Skincare: The Power of Vibration

Crystals aren’t just for holding and meditating. Nope, crystals pack a powerful punch full of vibrations, vibrations that the earth and humans also create. It is no wonder these healing gems act as a tuning fork to recalibrate the mind, body and soul, helping us become more balanced. Crystals are millions of years old; created from the earth’s richest minerals. Much like when we sit in a hot spring, walk barefoot in the grass or use essential oils, our bodies also absorb the healing vibrations and energies of crystals. 

When crystals are added to skincare they act as a channel for healing, helping cells flourish on an energetic level. This allows positive, healing energy to flow throw the body, while pushing negative, toxic energy out. The result? Healing skin issues at the root. 

There are several ways to crystal-infused skincare and we have two favorites we want to share with you. Prior to using crystals and stones in our products, we cleanse them in sea salt and water then add Reiki energy to charge them. Once cleansed we drop crystal quartz or rose quartz in each product and let them sit for several days. Some products, like our Salt Crystal Soak, we leave the crystal as a healing gift to you to use over and over again. 

Another of our favorites is to soak crystals in carrier oils for several days and distilled water for several hours in sunlight prior to adding to each recipe.

Some people use crystals plates while others grind crystals down to a powder. Whatever way you choose to infuse your skincare the outcome will still give you the healing energy crystals contain.

Live Well!

Tara Raj, CPC, ACC, CNWC
Co-Owner & Creator of Earth’s Farmacy
Earth’s gift to you!

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