Enrich Your Skin with Rosemary - The Go to Herb!

Rosemary has many health benefits that have been used for centuries in many farmacies and holistic therapies. 

Rosemary is a perennial that commonly grows in the Mediterranean. Rosemary as an essential oil is most popular for its therapeutic benefits; from hair growth to pain relief there isn’t much this oil can’t do. As a topical, rosemary can reduce inflammation, aid in pain reduction, and soothe respiratory issues such as discomfort due to common colds and flu. 

Rosemary is an antiseptic making it a perfect solution for combating eczema, dermatitis, acne, and skin irritants. Rosemary essential makes a great skin toner, leaving your skin feeling smooth and healthy with the perfect glow. 

We all go through stress throughout our day, at times leaving us feeling drained, fatigued, or just plain fed up. Rosemary is known to be effective in reducing cortisol levels in saliva. Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones and when reduced we are more relaxed. 

A recent study has shown that inhaling rosemary essential oil through aromatherapy for five minutes a day can reduce cortisol levels in saliva. Less stress means immune support making our bodies in a healthier state to fight disease. 

This powerhouse perennial is a definite must-have with its antioxidant properties and skin protectant. So say goodbye to free radicals, unhealthy skin, pain and stress!

Tara Raj, CPC, ACC, CNWC
Co-Creator & Owner

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