Give your skin and your energy some extra love with easy-to-do fun New Moon Rituals.

Give your skin and your energy some extra love with easy-to-do fun new moon rituals.

When we are on the go constantly chasing or keeping up with our dreams, careers, family, success, the stress catches up and many times we find that stress-busting out of our skin. When we have daily stress toxins build up in our body and can create skin blemishes, stress wrinkles, and unwanted breakouts. Self-care is the best care when it comes to minimizing our stress levels. I bet you are asking what does the moon have to do with stress and skin? Well, I am excited to tell you. The moon holds energy that works for us not against us by creating a rhythm that guides us. Just as we discussed in a blog on  Full Moon rituals there are New Moon rituals that can help bring abundance, success, and open you up to inviting more of what you want in your life. Give yourself 20-30 minutes to take advantage of the New Moon’s energy and enjoy treating yourself to some self-care. 

Here are a few of our favorite New Moon Rituals

Grounding...One simple word yet profound benefits in just a few steps

Step One:

Grab your supplies. I recommend grabbing your stones/crystals, incense or candles, and cleansing bundle

Find a quiet space in your home or outside.

Set your crystals/stones around you and light your incense or candles.

Step Two:

Set your intention of inviting what you want more of then cleanse yourself with sage or palo santo stick. 

Light the sage bundle or palo santo stick for about 20-30 seconds then allow the flame to burn out.

Place the stick or bundle on a fire-resistant plate or bowl and gently sweep the smoke around you. Be careful not to let the embers fall out. 

Place the bowl to the side, making sure it is not on or near anything flammable. 

Step Three:

Stand barefoot outside while stating what you want to invite more of in your life. You can walk around or stay in place. Be sure to be specific on what you want more of. 

If you are in your home you can still be barefoot and ground by stomping your feet as if you are getting mud off your shoes or jump up and down a few times.

Now it is time to state what you want to invite into your life. Don’t forget to be specific and keep stating until you are done.

Write them down! This is my absolute favorite way to manifest abundance.

Follow steps one and two from above, be sure to get a pen and paper too. 

Sit in a quiet area.

Start writing down all that you want to have in your life. Be specific in what you want and the sky's the limit so don’t hold back on anything. 

If you want more clients then you can write down “I have 20 new clients each week and all current clients are repeat clients”. With each item, imagine it as if it already exists, allow yourself to feel the emotions of what it will feel like when it comes to fruition. Write down every detail and appreciate it coming true. 

Remember this is all about you so make it yours! 

Add a charged crystal to amplify the power of your intentions. If you do not have a charged crystal get your cleansing bundle. It has all you need to clear, cleanse, and manifest. 

Another great way to prepare for moon rituals is a Reiki Session 2-3 days before you set you intentions. 

Arianne Ortiz

Reiki Healer

Intuitive Empath

BS Psychology

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