Raw Sugar for Glowing Skin!

Sugar, in some form or another, is found in pantries and kitchen cabinets around the world. It is the go-to for desserts, beverages, and many favorite dishes but did you know it’s a must-have for your skin? Yep, just like so many other products from the earth’s cabinet, sugar is a great way to help your skin look and feel younger. So you are probably asking can I use any sugar and how do I use it? Well, let me tell you starting with can I use any sugar. No, and here’s why. Our skin is our largest organ and is porous so you guessed it, what we put on it goes into our body. Processed and GMO-filled (refined) sugars will absorb into your body leaving harmful chemicals behind which is why you want to stay away from those. The best sugar to use is non-GMO and/or organic raw sugar because it does not contain harmful chemicals and it contains glycolic acid (gentle exfoliate that creates a “glow” in the skin). Glycolic acid (part of the alpha hydroxy acid family) is naturally found in raw sugar cane, protects the skin from toxins, and is often used in skin care products to produce glowing skin. Unfortunately, many of those products contain harmful chemicals. Raw sugar does not clog pores instead it moisturizes, restores balance to the skin, and eliminates blemishes. Toss your refined sugar and replace it with non-GMO and/or organic raw sugar. 

Now let’s talk about how to use it. There are many ways to incorporate raw sugar into your skincare routine. Grab your favorite plant oil (extra virgin olive oil and apricot oil are some of my favorites) and add it to a cup or 2 of organic raw sugar, place in a glass jar with an airtight lid and you have your homemade silk. Apply in a circular motion to your skin, wipe off and you are ready to go. Suffer from dry scalp? Place a quarter to half dollar size amount in the palm of your and rub it on your scalp in a circular motion. Do this for a minute or two then wash and rinse your hair. You can simply rinse your hair if you like just keep in mind the raw sugar is in plant oils so you may walk around with greasy-looking hair all day. Not up for a DIY, no problem, click your way to glowing protected skin and in a few days, a goodie package is on your doorstep. Body Silk is a handcrafted blend of organic fair trade raw sugar, organic plant oils, with a burst of citrus followed by a soft floral aroma that lasts all day. Add reiki and crystal infused and it doesn’t get any better than that! 

During a time of uncertainty across the world, one thing we can all do to help feel healthier, a little safer, and connected is practice self-care. A simple yet effective step of adding sugar to your routine is not only great care for your skin it is a  great way to care for you. 

Arianne Reiki Healer & Intuitive Empath

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