Reiki, Pregnancy's Best Friend

Reiki is an ancient therapy that brings tremendous transformation in people through stress reduction, relaxing the mind and body, and is non-invasive. It enables the body to do what it is intended to do and that is self-heal. Reiki allows this transformation to happen on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level creating a harmonious existence. So why is it pregnancy’s best friend? Well, it’s simple, it promotes the body to do exactly what it is supposed to. In a time where stress follows us everywhere, environmental pollutants saturate the air, and the joys of having a new family member can be bombarded with what not to do, pregnancy is a natural, yet stressful event so why not make it a harmonious one?

Being a mother of two I can relate to the ups and downs of pregnancy and let me tell you society does not prepare us for the downs. We hear about pregnancy “glow” I say it is way too much sweat because you are always hot during pregnancy. How about morning sickness, it really should be called all-day sickness, or the stretching that is felt non-stop in the second and third trimester. How about the newfound “cankles” that just won’t go away. And let’s talk about postpartum, sleep deprivation, hormones out of control trying to get back to “normal” while caring for a tiny bundle of joy. Yes, all of those and more. Now don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is beautiful and worth every aspect, the good and not so good, however, it is challenging too. The more stress we are under the more stress the baby feels. And this is where Reiki is pregnancy’s best friend. 

Reiki has many benefits for self-healing and when used in pregnancy it can promote a healthier happier pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum journey. It restores the mind and body creating space for a healthy bond with the unborn child and mother, and reduces exhaustion, nausea, and morning sickness, especially when done in the first trimester. The calming effect reiki has on the body is known to relax the pelvic muscles, in turn, reducing labor pains during vaginal delivery, and as a bonus promotes relaxation in the baby so when the mother is stressed there are minimal effects on the unborn child. As the baby grows a woman’s body stretches creating discomfort, regular reiki sessions are known to combat the discomfort of the body’s ever-growing changes. Now we have pregnancy benefits that are beyond amazing what about postpartum? 

Reiki healing has been used for centuries to aid in calming the mind and relaxing the body which is known to reduce postpartum depression, increase milk production for nursing or pumping moms, and reduce breast pain due to engorgement and soreness during feedings. Reiki also aids in better sleep for mom and baby and enhances digestion while promoting growth both physically and mentally for the baby.  

Give yourself permission to enhance the most beautiful experience by adding reiki into your weekly routine. Congratulations on your bundle of joy. 

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Arianne Ortiz 

Co-Creator & Owner, Reiki Healer and Intuitive Empath, Student of AyurVeda Medicine 

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