Winter Solstice: How it Helps Support You.

Get ready because something exciting is coming and you’re invited! It’s the Winter Solstice and this one is not your typical yearly solstice. Although those are pretty amazing too! Nope, this year is all about embracing communities, family togetherness, adventures that were shelved for “someday”, and a readiness to change what no longer serves your happiness and success. 

December 21st is the date to mark on your calendar and get ready. Don’t worry, you don’t need weeks to prepare… We will tell you our secret, but you have to keep on reading.

The Solstice is the start of a new season and change. When there is change, we have a transition of energy or energy shift. I bet you are asking what makes this year different than all other years? This year’s Solstice follows the total solar eclipse that occurred on December 14th which added energy by opening us up to new beginnings and higher energy frequencies.

The higher the frequency the more content, happy, healthy, and successful we are able to be. It opens us up to new perceptions and understanding of those around us. Jupiter and Saturn will align perfectly with Aquarius; known for its humanitarian strength and support. This alignment is also known as the Christmas Star and this occurrence has not been seen in 800 years!

By shifting into a humanitarian way of thought we can become more community-based and begin to get back to our roots or what is important to our true self. In a nutshell, instead of the dog-eat-dog world, we have the opportunity in this shift to lift each other up and support each other’s successes. We have the time to enjoy the material world but nurture relationships and experiences. This allows us to see how we are all connected rather than solely focus on how and why we are different.

How to Prepare for the Solstice

Surrounding this time it is essential to keep your space cleansed. I like to use a cleansing bundle that has all you need; ethically sourced white sage, palo santo stick, and a clear quartz crystal that is charged with reiki energy. The ethically sourced crystal holds healing energy and you can place your intentions on it. White sage and palo santo sticks are great for removing negative energy and they are used to protect your space. Keeping your space cleansed regularly is always recommended. If you think about it, you are coming in contact with many people throughout your day and their energy holds a frequency that can interfere with yours.

Whether these interactions are at the grocery store, dry cleaners, work or school, or through emails, texts, and phone calls you can bet they will affect you. All of these interactions connect with you on an energy level. Have you ever read an email or text message and all of a sudden you were agitated? You weren’t sure why and even after rereading it to make sure nothing was rude on the other end you still couldn’t figure out why you felt this way? I will tell you; it is because the energy from that person was attached to the words or thoughts behind the text.

Now that you have the space cleansed it’s time to cleanse yourself. You can sage yourself or soak in a salt bath. Crystal salt soaks are amazing! Salt purifies and cleanses your skin which helps to remove toxins and it removes any negative vibes you come across throughout your day. Salt baths are recommended at least monthly to help keep energy flowing in your favor.

My favorite preparation is to laugh! Yep, that’s right, laugh. Let yourself be happy and when you’re not it’s ok just get back to laughter when you can.

What to Do The Day of The Solstice

Get clear on what you want to manifest in your life and create a vision board. What do you want to attract in your life? Ask yourself then start visualizing it. Vision boards are a creative and fun way to keep your goals in front of you. They are reminders for when you are frustrated or lost in the “what-ifs” that you can have all you wish for. You are deserving of all your dreams you just have to do the work and not give up.

If a vision board is not for you then journal your goals and be specific. One goal, I am sure many if not all of us have, is “I want to be successful” which is great but be sure to write down the details and timeline of your definition of success and what it looks like to you.

Now that you know and have the tools to get ready and manifest, it is time to get working. Remember December 21st is a door opening to new beginnings, a shift in energy for the better and it is up to us to go for it!

Arianne Ortiz Reiki Healer & Intuitive Empath
Co-Owner & Creator Earth's Farmacy

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