Our Story

Tara & Arianne 

Women owned. Family owned. Small business. 

Two sisters with one passion

We started out of necessity… And we continue out of love, passion, and belief in a better way.

 Arianne Ortiz

Arianne Ortiz-Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner

Co-Creator & Owner

MS of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Reiki Healer and Intuitive Empath
B.S. Psychology

As an empath I have always been drawn to nature’s energy, how it connects us, and its ability to heal. My personal connection to energy led me to my passion as an energy healer through intuitive healing and reiki healing.  

When my youngest son was about a year old, he had a life-threatening allergic reaction coupled with an eczema flare-up. The emergency treatment was steroids and antihistamines, his “preventative” recommended treatment was chemical-filled bottles of various creams and inhalers. As someone who grew up with herbal remedies, I didn’t accept that was our only option for him, so I went back to my small hometown organic roots, called my sister, and formulated a plant-based cream we called Lemon Zest. It cleared him up within a few short days and has not had another flare-up since. His pediatrician was amazed! 

My passion of holistic healing through various modalities led me to pursue a masters in Ayurvedic medicine and support individuals through energy healing and intuitive readings. This path led my sister and I to create a company that approaches life holistically by healing from the inside out. 

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner I specialize in stress, anxiety, and weight loss. 

Tara Raj

Tara Raj

Co-Creator & Owner
ACC & Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC)
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach (CNWC)
Certified Reiki & Chakra Healer 
Certified Development Dimensions International Trainer (DDI)
Certified Aroma Therapist 
Certified Skincare Consultant
Student of YogaRenew 

Having a family of my own made me realize just how important living a healthy, clean and balanced life is. Growing up in a small town taught me the importance of kindness, compassion and community.  Growing up around energy healing, herbs and other natural blends for both internal health and external environment taught me to appreciate a more holistic way of living.  

My love of good health and well-being led me to become both a Certified Life Coach and a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. Using a holistic and intuitive approach I spent several years coaching individuals on finding their confidence, balance, strengths, gifts and potentials for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

I spent several years at a corporate job that drained my energy.  It did not help to feed my soul or nurture my passions.

My journey led my sister and I to create a company that provides products and services to help nurture and heal from the inside and out.