• Energy Infused Body Care & Energy Healing Services

  • Fluffy, Creamy, Whipped Plant Butter
  • Support The 7 Energy Centers In Your Body
  • Floral Tea Soak With Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Energy Healing
  • Organic Green Tea, Dead Sea Mud, Facial Exfoliator

Energy Infused Body Care & Energy Healing Services

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Women Owned. Handcrafted energy infused body care & energy healing services ...

... because the Earth, positive energy and high vibrations can help to heal and provide holistic wellness to benefit our well-being.

We choose to crystal infuse and Reiki bless our body care to help nourish your mind, body, spirit and skin. Reiki and crystal healing have been around for hundreds of years helping to treat imbalances and skin conditions.

We believe using positively charged skincare with healing vibrations will help to nourish your skin and enrich your well-being.

Earth's Farmacy NEVER uses

GMO's | Sulfates | Parabens| Mineral Oil| Synthetic dyes & fragrances | Phthalates | Palm Oil | Gluten | DEA

Instead We Use...

USA Sourced Materials | Fair Trade Ingredients | Earth Friendly Materials | Organic Ingredients | Sustainability & Ethically Sourced Ingredients| non-GMO

Our packaging is created from recycled materials that can be reused.

Jojoba Oil

Grounded. Centered. High Vibrations.

High Vibe Reviews:

I suffer from back pain due to an injury that occurred many years ago. I have used over the counter pain ointments and still had pain that needed to be relieved often. Once I began using Soothing Mint my back pain decreased and best of all I am not putting chemicals on by body!

EVA P. - Miami, FL

I absolutely love my tea tree exfoliating soap and bamboo wash! Left my skin feeling smooth and feeling delicious. The body butter is divine too for my aching calf muscles and other stiff/sore areas.  Well done ladies… Well done!

JENNIFER P. - Lake Mary, FL

I personally experience sensitive skin and keratosis and have to be careful what I put on my body. After utilizing these products I have actually noticed my skin feels softer and just overall healthier!

JOANNA T. - Wesley Chapel, NC

Thanks to Earth’s Farmacy, organic will always be the way to go when it comes to my skin.

LAWANDA W. - Fort Mill, SC

So enjoyed the bath bomb last week - super silky and smooth! Looking forward to more smells and yumminess of them to come!

MICHELLE F. - Altamonte Springs, FL

I love your products! The body polish scrub is amazing! My skin feels so silky and soft! I’ve also tired the Rosemary Mist body wash and it smells so relaxing. I love it! I can't wait to try more.

NADIA T. - Long Island, NY

Yay! So excited my beautiful package arrived! These products are so clean and smell amazing and make my skin feel fabulous!

ANGIE K. - Apopka, FL

​I love Earth's Farmacy body butters. My skin feels so smooth and the blends are not overwhelming.

SYRETTA S. - Yellow Springs, OH

Vitamin E

Organic and ethically sourced essential oil of tea tree contains several benefits that have been used for almost 100 years. With it’s antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial components this essential oil has been recognized by the CDC.

Rosehip Oil


I have severe dry skin. What product do you recommend I start with?

Our satin line is the best product to start your High Vibe care off with. It was originally created for dry, irritated skin. 

Do I rinse my Lip Silk off?

We recommend you gently wipe the sugar off with a soft cloth. It will leave a moisturizing layer behind, which is what you want. You can rinse with water, but pat dry, do not wipe. The goal of our Lip Silk is to exfoliate and hydrate your pucker. So, you want some of that oily goodness to remain on your lips. 

What do crystal and Reiki energy mean?

Energy is all around us. It is in our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This invisible power lives in all natural elements and is an exchange on the highest level. This exchange can be with ourselves, others, and whatever higher being you look to for strength, encouragement, and clarity.

How did you get started?

We started making skincare back in late 2012. Arianne’s youngest son developed severe skin and food allergies and experienced horrible breakouts.  We created Lemon Zest which nurtured and cleared up his skin. 

What is the difference between a facial toner and cleanser?

Toners and cleansers can and do provide similar functions and results. The difference between our toner and cleansers is that the toner helps to restore pH balance to skin, while the cleanser helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance. 

How do I know what my skin type is?

There are four main skin types: normal, dry, oily, and combination.

Normal – not too dry or too oily. Uncommon to have blemishes.

Dry – tight skin, visibly dry and flaky. 

Oily – shiny appearance, thick, medium to large pores.

Combination – two or more different types of skin. Most common is the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). 

Take our skin type quiz to get details on what your skin is.  


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